Mental Health Alert Wristbands

Mental Health Alert WristBands

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Mental Health Alert Wristbands

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Dottie Bailey

Mental Health

Having a mental illness is scary. There is an uncertainty as to what is going to happen in our lives. When, how and where it happens, who’s around and how the outcome will be is something that can weigh on your mind. If you’ve experienced manic or psychotic episodes, then you may understand the underlying fear of it happening again.

This is one of the reasons I created the Mental Health Alert Wristband. I’ve experienced manic episodes and know that my behavior can mimic that of someone who is out of control and causing trouble. Others I know have been arrested and put in jail for this behavior.

As a Community Instructor in CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) classes the police officers ask for a way to identify those of us who have mental health diagnosis. They want to help us get the proper medical care we need and not have to take us to jail. Many times, officers can’t communicate with someone who is having a manic or psychotic episode, much less get identification from them. Being able to see someone with the wristband on can change how a person’s behavior is viewed instantly. It can help keep you out of jail and get you the proper medical care you need.

You can also show it to medical personnel and others you choose to so that they can be aware of your diagnosis and help you in a time of crisis. This wristband is already affecting lives all around the United States and Canada. Purchase one for yourself and feel the security that comes with it, knowing that while your diagnosis is protected, law enforcement can still recognize it and help you in times of crisis.

"Having a mental illness is both a blessing and a curse. It's finding the beauty in the brokenness, the light in the dark that carries us forward to be able to see that this doesn't have to hold us back or keep us locked away. We are people who deserve all the blessings of life because we've endured all the hardships no one should have to bare." — Dottie Bailey

If you would like to learn more about mental illness diagnosis and where to get help contact National Alliance on Mental Illness

If you have thoughts of hurting yourself, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

~ There is no shame in having a mental illness. ~

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