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We know firsthand that our alert wristbands can make a positive difference. 

The following are testimonials about our Mental Health Alert Wristbands.

I had the privilege of introducing Senate Resolution 546, encouraging law enforcement officers, first responders, psychiatric facilities, doctors, and therapists to purchase and freely distribute Mental Health Alert Wristbands to those suffering from mental illnesses. The resolution also encourages Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officers to wear the wristbands as a way for those with mental illnesses to easily identify them as trained people who can offer assistance. Those wearing these Alert Wristbands provide emergency workers a quick way to recognize someone in a mental health crisis. These wristbands are being effectively used in many places around Georgia and in many other states. I hope every political jurisdiction in Georgia will implement the use of the Mental Health Alert Wristbands, so our emergency personnel will be better equipped to keep our citizens with mental illnesses safe.

Senator William Ligon
Georgia State Senate, District 3

The Brunswick Police Department has been provided with the Mental Health Alert Wristband. Our officers give the wristbands to persons with mental illnesses that they have contact with. This assists other law enforcement officers in identifying persons with mental illnesses in future contact. This identification further assists with the person receiving proper medical attention, if needed. This program has proven to be effective in the Brunswick/Glynn County Community. We look forward to continuing this program in the future.

Chief Kevin M. Jones
Brunswick Police Department 
Brunswick, Georgia

We are currently using the CIT wristbands to help advocate for those that are residing in our Level 1 group homes. This is very valuable as we have had incidents when our individuals have challenges in the community and/or even in our home when they engage with law enforcement. The wristband is an easy, unobtrusive, and discreet way to let law enforcement know that they are under care for mental health. We have also given them to the officers to wear and have encouraged our individuals that if they ever have a need (before, during or after living with us) and they see an officer wearing this wristband, that is someone with extra training to help build the trust. A fast feeling of trust may be a game changer when someone finds themselves in a mental health crisis. Our residents have the option to wear these and most choose to. They like how they look! Thank you for a great product that is proactive towards improved relationships in our communities!

Kristen Y. Infinger, LCSW
Mental Health Residential Coordinator
Georgia Pines Mental Health
Thomasville, Georgia

Craig Scott Cameron was by far the best friend anyone could ever have. Unfortunately, he left us in August and life hasn't been the same. When I heard that he was identified by his wristband I was greatful and intrigued. Greatful because I would hate to think how long he would have been missing if not for the wristband. Intrigued because I wanted to do something to help others with mental illnesses. I will do whatever neccessary to keep Craig's legacy alive. Because he was the kind of friend that would do that for you. 

Dana Taylor

In an effort to bridge the gap and strengthen the relationship between those living with mental illness and law enforcement, Ms. Dottie Bailey, has created the mental health alert wristbands. The wristbands allow the police to easily recognize a person who may be living with a mental illness and vice versa, it allows citizens to easily recognize CIT trained officers in addition to the pins on the uniforms. The wristband is a symbol of unity between the mental health community and law enforcement.


Lt. Hiram Rivera, Jr. 
CIT Trainer/Hostage Negotiator
Watch Commander, Northwest Precinct
Savannah Police Department
Savannah, Georgia

As preparations were being made for incoming Hurricane Irma, staff had noticed wristbands that some individuals were wearing at another program. When asked, those individuals said it was to help identify them as having a mental health need. We were able to attain some of the wristbands and use them for our own program. The individuals in our program had the option to receive and wear one if they wanted. They were given the wristband and an information guide. The wristbands gave them a sense of security that they would be taken care of at their evacuation destinations.


Local Mental Health Provider
Brunswick, Georgia

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